Friday, June 8, 2012

General Purpose 18-pin PIC/PICAXE PCB

I have been migrating from PICAXE BASIC to PIC programming in ANSI C; but sometimes I still want a quick and dirty PICAXE prototype. That usually means breadboarding a rats nest of wires for an hour. Revolution Education used to market an experimenter board; but I suspect is is being phased out because SparkFun no longer carries it. I really did not like that old board anyway, because it lacked mounting holes. Thanks to Eagle CAD and BatchPCB, I was able to quickly design my own board and even market it on the Internet for anyone else interested in a good, general-purpose board. This board is ideal for both the PIC16F88 and the PICAXE-18M2. Only +5V and ground are connected to the chip, all other pins go to pads for easy jumping to any accessory.

Notes/Schematic for GP PIC18 [Link]

PICAXE Test Code (checks all LEDs and the push-button switch and relay) [Link]

PCB for sale on BatchPCB [Link]

My other interests [Link]